Drop-in Studio & Gallery

For adults who face mental health challenges


Mentally Chill Café

Mentally Chill Café was an event advocating mental health care awareness. Exciting, entertaining and engaging. These words describe this night of a mosaic get together. On May 24th commencing at 7 pm the public was invited to witness prose, music and comic relief. The public were invited to partake in baked goods lovingly made and deliciously tasting paid for by donation. City Art Centre connected with those who attended the show. People demonstrated genuine interest and we made positive associations with some of those attending who asserted their intention to visit City Art Centre. Held at John Paul II the venue was fitting to the occasion being spacious and welcoming.

Forest City Gallery – Town Hall

On May 21st beginning at 7 pm a Town Hall was held at Forest City Gallery in conjunction with an exhibition held there called Board Room rendered by Patrick Cruz. The premise was to gather people from different non-profit boards and in a town hall format answer questions and topics posed by Matthew Kyba, Forest City Gallery’s Executive Director, and the general audience. Representing City Art Centre Diana Hodgson and Jeni Peralta (Co-chairs at City Art Centre) listened attentively and answered to the best of their ability issues posed to them. It was an informative meeting were insightful queries were answered with different views sighted by individual representatives of the boards for which they spoke for. London Fuse and Fringe Festival were in attendance as well as other boards.

Mental Health is Blooming

Members expressed themselves visibly baring their original artwork, no two works similar as members view of the world is sole to their personality. Mental Health is Blooming, held at City Art Centre, was a success and exciting for members as they revealed their unique artwork. Mental Health is Blooming convened for the duration of April 12 – April 18. Festivities for the opening night commenced on April 12. The opening night was full of good food, good conversations and good artwork. This is our annual art show and was distinct from any other as the theme and dynamics of the exhibit was interpreted along the subject of the show and how members singularly deciphered their artwork.

Annual General Meeting

On June 4, our last meeting of the year until September went smoothly. The floor was open for discussion. Like other Board Meetings there was much accomplished. Some loose ends were tied up and the Board Slate was voted in. There was an abundance of free pizza for the people who attended. If as a member you have some questions, bring it towards a Board Member or Volunteer Coordinator. They will voice your concern and direct your inquiries towards the Board Slate. Also, if you want to be part of the board next year City Art Centre would welcome you into our fold.

The Walk of Courage

On June 15, the Walk of Courage was a smashing success. Although attendance was small in numbers, we were jubilant carrying signs for our cause. We covered Downtown London in most places of high levels of traffic communing with the vehicles and furthering the occasion of our event. We navigated the streets of Downtown London holding our posters high being approached by some cars as we walked attracting their honks. Members and supporters were responsible for making the day fun and enjoyable just by being there. Baked goods abounded and raffle prizes were to be by all the participants acknowledging their contribution. City Art Centre would like to thank all the volunteers, members and people who stood with us on this day.

City Art Centre Picnic

At this year’s picnic on August 17th, the pot luck was a success and there were a variety of foods to sample and indulge in. We told each other tall tales and shared poems. It was a magnificent, glorious and marvelous day to have a picnic. Blue skies abounded and the day was fabulous.

Doors Open

At Doors open on Saturday, September 14, 2019, it was very exciting. Being a participating site with Doors Open was a wonderful opportunity to showcase City Art Centre's studio and gallery space which showed the public that we are viable artists. We narrate our "Untold Stories" and express them on canvas. Also the unique architecture of the TBlock building was viewed by people who attended as we unveiled the wonderful space we possess. The public were awed by the service we provide and our mission to accommodate people with mental health challenges as they journey to express themselves through art. The exposure was tremendous and it was a good day to revel in what City Art Centre is to the London community.

Healing Palette

It was a grand artistic affair concerning The Healing Palette’s Opening Reception at St Thomas Elgin General Hospital on October 25th 2019. The food was superb and the conversations abounded. Many people had art represented there. They exposed their creative souls. Their art had emotional validity and defined who they are as artists with a style all their own as no person’s imagination is inherently the same. It highlighted each artist’s inventive bent. It was a successful, positive and supportive event.

Christmas Potluck Party

On December 10th, 2019 - It was a grand taste of fine food, fine conversation and even more fine fellowship. As we perused over the food and as we articulated good conversation we were drawn together in an effort to make this celebration the best ever. We laughed and giggled joyfully sharing stories of the year that just past. Where did it go? The next Christmas celebration will come just as fast. But let us savour in the moment of our festivities and also relish the glory of this one.


Framing the Phoenix

May is the month of the year which proclaims Mental Awareness Month. And in this month, we voice to the public that we are more then people with mental health challenges - we are valid artists. During Framing the Phoenix, we visually articulate our artwork as we individually perceive it to be by expressing our own specific emotion. Communicating our feelings in our artwork comes with the territory as the artist strives to take the creative reins and convey it on canvas. Without our emotions it might not be possible. The duration of the show is from May 2nd to 16th from 10 am to 5 pm closed Sundays and Mondays. The Opening Reception is on May 2nd from 2 pm to 5 pm. Framing the Phoenix is given a home at Strand Fine Arts Gallery 116 Florence St Unit 4 a spacious well-lit venue. The Phoenix burns bright like a lantern beckoning to all those touched by mental illness.

Fringe Festival

At TAP Centre of Creativity, independent artists’ and groups’ artwork flower blossoming at The London Fringe Festival. Fringe is committed and devoted to staging artists’ artwork. The venue at TAP advocates an exceptional and complete setting where the artwork can be appreciated to its full extent. The Opening Reception is from September 23rd starting at 6:30 pm. The length of the show is from September 22nd, 2020 to October 3rd, 2020 closed Sundays and Mondays. TAP is located at 203 Dundas Street and is open from 12 pm to 5 pm. Along with artists who showcase their visual vocabulary in their artwork, Fringe presents theatrical plays that depict comedy, drama and period pieces. Entertaining and sometimes amusing these plays comment on various situations, relating to the plays’ narratives of what their stories’ convey as it unfolds on the stage. Come revel in a celebration of a panoramic kaleidoscope of arts.