Drop-in Studio & Gallery

For adults who face mental health challenges


City Art Centre Picnic

The food. The people. The camaraderie. Perfectly planned and executed all needs were meet from Mr Sub who catered the event, a fitting tribute to Vilmos a fixture at City Art Centre and friendly banter from all of whom participated. Located in beautiful Gibbons Park this background added to the relaxed atmosphere. Some faces are new, some were returning and some we have not seen for a while. But everybody there were received with kind regard and welcome. The meeting delineated our most recent endeavours that City Art Centre are moving forward to. And in this meeting The Board Slate was voted in. And a formidable one it is. They will further work onward advocating City Art Centre's needs with fervour. In summation it was a more then a fine day.

Art in the Park

What a theme – Covid 19. But together we accomplished in these strange times, a communal gathering at City Art Centre and expressed our feelings on this very topic in our artwork. Each persons' rendition was personal and individual as we delved into our psyche exploring this issue. It was a magnificent day. Perfect temperature and not a cloud in the sky. A glorious day to create. With nature as our backdrop, as opposed to the walls that enclose City Art Centre, outside was a very different venue. If only this situation of being outdoors, while utilizing the creative process, could be done everyday.